A downloadable game for Windows

Take control of three classy gentlemen eager to expropriate some valuable assets of other people. 

Problem is they don't like each other. In fact, their cooperation is so low that they even don't want to ride an elevator together.

General info

This is slightly modified GM48-version of the game that is gonna get updates later.

I've had only one day to do this, so please pardon any bugs or absence of tutorial. It was quite complicated to code and test all the time-warp mechanics, so I was quite short of a time for making content and polishing.

Meet your gentlemen!

The man who knows how to deal with guards, gently.

He's your digital guru, taking security posts down just like that.

Cracks any safe in mere seconds like squirrels do nut.


In the pause menu you can: 
1. Erase plan for the current gentleman, and 
2. Take control of another classy guy.

Update log

Jan, 20, 2019 - Developed jam version of the game.

Jan, 20, 2019 - Update #01.


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Development log