A downloadable game for Windows

Top-down shooter inspired by games like "Doom 2", "Alien Shooter", "Painkiller", and movies like "Lockout" and "Resident Evil".

Expect challenging, hardcore and unpredictable gameplay. Gang of Rot Eaters, zombies, mutants, lunatics - who's gonna kill you this time? Or maybe it's gonna be your own grenade?..

No checkpoints, no save game option.

Only you, your gun (if you'll get yours), and Zero Floor... Proove you deserve your freedom.

Install instructions

* Keep in mind - there's hidden passages and rooms in game with ultra heavy guns (BFG or machine gun) in there

* If your stuck in first level - there's two ways to beat it. Remember, those gang members are blind as hell, and easily distracted with any light.

* Guns with ammo are highlighted when you see them. Don't hesitate to step over them to unload, and get some spare ammo off them.


Zero Floor 45 MB
Zero Floor OST.zip 24 MB

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